What is the best way to spend Sunday? Fishing for zander of course 🙂 To be honest I didn’t plan to start in a competition that day. I just wanted to go fishing anywhere but all zander reservoirs (two of them in the UK 😀 ) where reserved for competitions and of course there were no places left. Fortunately a friend called mi on Friday that someone had resigned and there is a free slot. I didn’t think long – Zander Cup here I come ! The rules were simple – you had to catch 3 big zander 🙂

I was lucky and a boat partner occurred to be a good angler so there was no issues at all and we agreed easily to the swims and the strategy. Fish weren’t active at all but I managed to catch exactly 3 zeds and big ones: 79, 78 and 71. I got also 3 nice perch but they didn’t count. At the end it had occurred that only 19 zander were caught among 50 competitors. So I took the first place with a big margin. The first prize was a really nice rod made by Sparta Rods and the biggest cup I’ve ever seen 🙂