Another Zander Cup? Yes, another one – this time at Rutland. The water I didn’t know so I hadn’t expected a good result but I planned to have fun and enjoy fishing. To prepare a little bit I did a training session with a friend during one really nice day. The weather was perfect and zeds were active. We managed to catch quite a few and some of them were big for the Rutland standards.

Unfortunately good weather cannot last forever in the UK and on the competition day it was raining and it was windy. Zander also were not active so I and my boat partner Pawel really struggled to find big ones. Actually we didn’t find them … We caught a lot but maximum of 60+ size. Surprisingly it was enough for us to get into the top 3 !
I was second with top 5 zander of 242 cm and Pawel was 3rd with 239 cm.
Wow, we didn’t expect that ! 🙂