How difficult is to catch a pike in the UK? Simple ! Yeah but it’s fishing … let’s start from the very beginning.

I started to compete in fishing events just a year ago so I’m still learning and I received another lesson during World Predator England 2019. We fished again together with Andrew and we hoped for a very good result. Why not after all we were 2nd last year. This time the rules were a little bit different – we had to catch 3 zander, 3 perch and 1 pike.

The first day went pretty well – we had two big perch (45 and 44) and a few middle size zander (up to 65 cm). We didn’t have a pike and no good zander but that was the plan for tomorrow to improve …

The tactic was simple – catch a big zander and a big perch very quickly and look for a pike. Simple? Yes ! After less than two hours of the second day we had a 76 cm zander and another 45 cm perch. Almost a whole day to catch a pike … life is beautiful ! 🙂

… life and fishing are surprising. 6 hours of jerkbaiting and jigging with big soft lures but we caught only a few rainbows and a big brown. I hate these farmed stinky pellet eaters :/

How difficult is to catch a pike in the UK? Simple … but if you have no luck …

At the end we finished at 8th place without a full card … still not bad but we hoped at least for the top 5. It’s fishing 🙂

Zander: 76, 65, 64
Perch: 45, 45, 44
Pike: –