I know it’s almost the end of 2020 and I’m posting statistics from 2019 but I’ve forgotten to do it earlier 🙂
So how was it the 2019? Surprisingly the stats are good although I didn’t write much. There are already old articles that bring a lot of attention and there were a few new ones that brought a lot of new readers.

I’ll put some numbers (just not to much to avoid boring you down 😉 ).
102 460 – unique readers
220 942 – unique entries (more than 2 per reader)
19 – new articles published
January – the most active month. Maybe because it’s a start of a new season or maybe because there was the article about a record pike published.

3 most popular articles:
1. World record pike 25.3 kg
2. How to choose a jigging rod for zander
3. Skylla 370 ideal boat for Vistula