I’ve been fishing for zander for many many years and still jigging is my favorite method. Sometimes other ways are more effective but nothing is comparable to a zander strike when casting and jigging. So what are my best lures ? Every year different ones but there are some lures that are almost always productive. Some classics that are always presents in my boxes.

  1. Relax Kopyto 3
    The lure that I’ve been using almost since the beginning of my zander adventure. Sometimes I prefer the 4 size but 3 is usually better. This shad is not so popular anymore but it’s still as good as it was in the past. It doesn’t look so fancy as modern soft lures but it’s better than most of them. One could use only Kopyto 3 in multiple colors and in combination with many different jig heads.
  2. ??
    I don’t remember the brand of this soft lure. I bought a few many years ago and they were so good that I bought a lot very quickly. I still have some but not many have left. So if anyone knows the name of the lure and where to buy them please contact me 🙂
  3. Hen jig (or a cock as it called in Poland 😉
    It doesn’t always work. It doesn’t work on all venues. But when does it demolishes zanders. I always have at least few with me.
  4. Delalande Sandra
    I use twisters (curly tails) but not so often as normal shads. Sandra is an exception. I love this lure. Sometimes when zander don’t react to shads sandra does the job.
  5. LunkerCity Shaker
    Another forgotten lure. I have Shakers in many different sizes and sometimes it’s the only shad that gives me any zander strikes. Is it because of the aggressive action? I don’t know.