After successful Zander Cup I was really waiting for the last event – Perch Pro. The expectations were big because I was on the first place and my boat partner – Marcin – was second but nothing hadn’t been decided yet. There was many anglers with very close results. How did it went?

The most difficult part was to decide about the tactic. I had a full card but with medium size fish. Marcin had nice fish but he still needed one pike. Additionally the fishing had been very slow for weeks at Grafham, especially for zander. Unfortunately perch also stopped feeding before the event. Pike on the other hand is always a lottery at Grafham. We decided to have different strategies for the event – I wanted to improve my 5 perch and compete in Perch Pro at the same time, Marcin decided to go for a missing pike with a heavy gear.

After the start we went the same direction as most of the boats but we quickly realized that the best spots will be overcrowded and it can affect the fishing. So we made a quick decision to change the direction and go to less popular places. The first one was completely empty. The second one was full of active fish but we couldn’t catch anything for some reason. We saw some fish caught around but we were doing smth wrong. Another bold decision and we agreed to move again.

When we arrived there was a boat exactly at our target spot so we moved away and started drifting. This time I started to catch perch immediately and very quickly I got a full card. A few more drifts and upgrades and perch disappeared. When I was thinking about going to comletely new location I caught a nice 66 cm zander on a perch gear. Marcin started to doubt in his strategy already but suddenly he got a very strong strike also. So we decided to make exactly the same drift again and a few minutes later we hooked two fish at the same time. Marcin landed his pike very quickly (71 cm) but it took me a little bit more time because of the light gear. Mine was 77 cm and gave me a nice upgrade.

I switched to a heavy set with big lures and we started to seek for big upgrades. Almost at the end of the competition Marcin hooked a very nice fish which occurred to be a decent zander of 81 cm. Huge upgrade for him.

It was close but I managed to stay at the first place and Marcin came as the second. That was a huge result for us and we were extremally happy , although I think I saw a little bit of disappointment on Marcin’s face 😉

Additionally my top 5 perch gave me also the first place in Perch Pro event which proved that fishing was very slow at the time. Only 15 anglers caught any perch during that day.

Perch Pro:

NameScoring Length (cm)Longest Fish (cm)Total # of Fish Caught
1Daniel Celeda185465
2Hubert Ziętkowski155335
3Derek Holmes137473
4Steve Wilson134454
5Andy Dougan133473
6Alan Robson130443
7Mariusz Ziętkowski123344
8Marcin Wojewódka90462
9Shaun Milner76472
10Bogdan Pascaru49491
11David Morris46461
12Thomas Hunt45451
13Gints Garbuzovs45451
14Przemysław Wójcik33331
15Mark Spain28281
16Grzegorz Dytkowski0
17Jakub Tadych0
18Łukasz Noskowicz0
19Konrad Pukszta0
20Marcin Włodarczak0
21Piotr Matławski0
22Maciej Gruzlewski0
23Marcin Rudź0
24Michał Urbański0
25Grzegorz Biernat0
26Paweł Górny0
27Marcin Kiedrowski0
28Dan Mucielanu0
29Hubert Ogiński0
30Dan Clostre0
31Mark Tredgett0
32Tomasz Chomaniuk0
33Serhii Vasylchyshyn0
34Andrzej Bielak0
35James Potts0
36Jarosław Biszczuk0
37Jakub Osiecki0
38Bartłomiej Noskowicz0
39Artur Ziętkowski0
40Jacek Kosikowski0
41Arkadiusz Mazurek0
42Rafał Boguszewski0
43Rafał Hołowiński0
44Paweł Swat0
45Sylwester Radawiec0
46Bogdan Florea0
47Sylwia Klimek0
48Radu Pintea0
49Kevin Cox0
50Mike McGuire0
51Damian Piech0
52Nickolay Horobets0
53Marcin Janaszkiewicz0
54Martin Mitter0
55Ita Grineviciene0
56Richard Clostre0
57Andrzej Trzciński0
58Jakub Karłowicz0

Lake Challenge 2020:

NameScoring Length (cm)Longest Fish (cm)Bonus PointsTotal # of Fish Caught
1Daniel Celeda5228052210
2Marcin Janaszkiewicz50510050510
3Andy Dougan412774128
4Thomas Hunt406994067
5Bogdan Pascaru397853979
6Dan Mucielanu3917039110
7James Potts349813497
8Shaun Milner347703478
9Przemysław Wójcik345843457
10Paweł Swat3291053296
11Jakub Osiecki321653217
12David Morris317713176
13Marcin Włodarczak301663016
14Michał Urbański275812755
15Bogdan Florea269452698
16Jakub Tadych268592687
17Alan Robson265462656
18Mike McGuire257742575
19Kevin Cox255842555
20Andrzej Bielak255552556
21Marcin Kiedrowski254722545
22Martin Mitter251642515
23Nickolay Horobets243682435
24Serhii Vasylchyshyn230612305
25Paweł Górny222752224
26Michał Dziemianko222412228
27Rafał Boguszewski2201032204
28Łukasz Noskowicz218692184
29Konrad Pukszta208652086
30Hubert Ogiński206812063
31Marcin Rudź191651914
32Maciej Gruzlewski188631884
33Arkadiusz Mazurek182541824
34Artur Ziętkowski171671713
35Rafał Hołowiński159651593
36Radu Pintea155721553
37Grzegorz Dytkowski147431474
38Sylwia Klimek135711352
39Mark Tredgett117321174
40Tomasz Chomaniuk114601142
41Grzegorz Biernat107651072
42Dan Clostre101731012
43Jacek Kosikowski9753972
44Jarosław Biszczuk8550852
45Sylwester Radawiec7639762
46Piotr Matławski6943692
47Bartłomiej Noskowicz5151511
48Damian Piech4040401