Time for a review of a bigger boat – Tangiri Boat Strin 460 – a close relative to already reviewed Ortis 400. It’s the same concept but just bigger. So let’s focus on the differences.

The full specification is available here.

On the water

It’s a deep V boat so it behaves great on waves. The hull cuts them and there are no unpleasant hits and bumps. Sounds similar to Ortis 400 but in this case it’s even much better. The size makes the difference. The boat has been tested in very bad conditions on big Dutch lakes and it has never disappointed.

We’ve performed also hardcore testing on the biggest Swedish lake Vänern. We fought not only with waves but also with rocks. We hit them twice. The first time it was the kanalgratis.se team who borrowed the boat from me.

The second time was much more serious and dangerous and it was me responsible for that crash test. Fortunately the boat is like a tank and nothing bad happened. The accident had left only a few scratches and dents on the boat.
So it’s hard to find bigger and more mean venues than these ones and still we were able to fish comfortably and safely.
Would the biggest Tangiri Boat – Trion 560 – fit better? On big water it’s good to have as big boat as possible but … we can tow Strin 460 with a small car and a small trailer, we don’t exceed 3500 kg and we don’t need additional driving license. Yes and the price difference is also substantial 😉


Launching the boat is easy. Anyone can do it by themselves and the ramp doesn’t have to be any special.

People capacity

Although it’s possible to drive the boat with many people , angling is a different story. In my opinion 3 anglers is the comfort limit.


What size of the engine? I’ve been using 50 HP and it was perfectly fine but 60 HP engines have the same weight. So in my opinion this is much better choice. A few of my friends have very light Yamaha 70 HP and this is probably the best option but at the same time more expensive one. Equipped with the Yamaha the boat can reach 70 kmph which is very tempting 🙂

Tiller or console

It’s very individual. If you want to use the main engine for vertical fishing or you need to do very precise trolling then the tiller version is the better choice in other cases the console model all day long.


So if Strin 460 is so great why I own Ortis 400? The answer is simple – I fish Vistula river very often which is very shallow in most parts and the spots are very small. I fish there alone most of the time and I need to position the boat very precisely so I prefer a small craft. Ortis 400 meets these expectations perfectly well. On the other hand I’m slowly moving away from fishing that river and I travel more and more to big venues. So maybe it’s about the time to make a switch?