Next review and next zander jigging rod that I used for some time –
– MHX P903-2 , 230 cm , 6-12lb and casting weight 7-14g … and from all this parameters only the length is correct 😉
The blank is much stronger than described and the range of lures is much wider, mostly because of the sensitive tip. I used it with small crankbaits but also with heavy zander soft lures rigged up to 25 gram. The blank is sensitive in terms of the strike detection and it’s easy to fill zander bite from a long distance but one thing is very nice in particular – how easily you can hook a fish. You can feel it in your elbow how strong the rod is when you hit zander hard. I almost didn’t lose any fish from that MHX ! Yes, it was the best aspect about that rod – a brutal hook setting 🙂
I also like the length – perfect for river boat fishing.
Why don’t I use that rod anymore? I started to use the Fenwick World Class which I have already reviewed. So I decided to give MHX to my father.
Why do I prefer the latter one? It’s lighter and I feel more comfortable when playing with a lure.

My zander rods list is available here.